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Thread: Meopta Meostar R1R - 3-12x56 - 4NK Illuminated

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    Meopta Meostar R1R - 3-12x56 - 4NK Illuminated

    Withdrawn from Sale

    Meopta Meostar R1R (Ret in 2nd Focal Plane)- 3-12x56 - 4NK Illuminated (7 Settings) 30mmTube. Manufactured in Feb 2011. Bought new 3 weeks ago, mounted and used a few times, no marks, scratches or ring marks, fantastic optics, very bright and crisp, Boxed,Paperwork, Rubber lens covers, Warranty registration card not filled in. Superb optics, illumination is spot on too.
    Unfortunately I can’t seem get round having no PX, so as good as it is it has to go.

    Looking for 610 posted RMSD.

    Bank Transfer (preferred) - PayPal +4% -Cash - Cheque (posted when cheque has cleared)

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    Hi Mutley

    I am interested in your Meopta Meostar R1R- 3-12x56 - 4NK Illuminated, but why are you selling this, in your threads from 17/05/2011 this was the scope for you, is there a problem with the scope?????



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    1. We all buy things that don't suit us. Sometimes this does not show itself until using in the field.
    2. I did not say it was the scope for me, I had reservations about the Reticle.
    3. I would hardly be selling it if there were a problem with it, that's what the warranty covers, it would be on its way back to Meopta now and being sold as a Brand new one when it came back, so no hidden agenda. It tracks perfectly, the glass is unmarked as is the whole scope.

    My only concern at the time of purchase and as is documented was the reticle as mentioned in the thread. One thing I overlooked was my preference for a PX. All my scopes have had them bar the Zeiss I had, PX was not the issue there because as soon as I bought it I had to sell it to fund car problems. I like having PX and as good as the Meopta is it lacks this.
    If you doubt anything then dont buy it, get a spanky new one for more money.

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    I have one of these scopes without the illuminated bit. It is spanking. But I have the same problem as Mutley because I use mine with NV, so I will be selling mine soon as well.

    I am gutted that I need to sell mine but would buy one in a flash if it was just going to be used on deer.
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    i,ve just bought one for my deer gun and what a cracking scope. only scopes with a 1k plus price tag beat these in my view.stav

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    I have the same scope and sold a 2.5-10x56 SnB to put this back on my deer stalking rifle. Brilliant optics.
    Below is a link to my website.
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    Well, after chatting to a stalking friend of mine lastnight he has persuaded me to have another crack at the Meopta on my .308 as a dedicated Deer scope, same as Stav has done I guess. He reckons he was stuck on PX scopes but after persevering only has S+B and Swaro's now with no PX so I am willing to indulge him, he also really rates the Meopta glass having had a look through, so not being in a great rush to loose another load of money on a scope I am going to withdraw scope from sale for now.

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