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Thread: Just had to share

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    Just had to share

    Sorry, but I just HAD to share this one! I was reading up on Bergers and the effects at various ranges on a particular US forum, trying to educate myself a bit more on this specific manufacturer of bullets.

    One forum poster, followed by a shocking number of respondents, argued that the European way of stalking was quite unethical, and literally unfair to the deer!!! It was argued that because we stalk in so close, using camoflage, etc. the deer have no chance! The message was that to be an ethical and 'fair' hunter, you should be taking shots from at least 350 yds, ideally more, so that the deer had a decent 'chance'

    ..need I say more!

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    Did they mention launching a rocket in the air and not shooting till 2 seconds after it went bang to give the deer a chance to run away?????

    Personally I always stalk up close, hold the rifle over my shoulder looking through the scope using a mirror whilst shooting backwards using a .177 springer. I think that gives the deer a fair chance,
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Not unsurprisingly, the differences in shooting styles/ethics/etc are fairly disparate on either side of the pond. However, I don't know how someone could rationally argue that improving the probability of being able to humanely dispatch an animal (via stalking in close) is unethical. I don't know how they do it on the particular US forum you mention, but any time I have been stalking in Canada (where I grew up) long range shots were to be avoided at all costs.

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    Idiots abound. He is probably confusing the issue of "fair chase" with ethics. For example, the use of camo, high seats, suppressed weapons allowing multiple shots at the same herd/group of deer would seem to lack a certain amount of "sport" for many US hunters. Here florescent orange is mandatory in may states, suppressors for hunting are verboten, and hunting from stands is generally considered poor form unless using a bow... and even then many hunters give it the thumbs down. But the style and purpose of hunting is different in both countries and that fool doesn't understand it. The fact that he insists that shooting deer under 350 yards is unethical proves he's an arm chair hunter. ~Muir

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    Ha ha ha...I thought we might hear from you guys (YukonT and Muir). I know very well not all US based hunters believe in long range shooting, and the people who were making these comments are probably in a very small minority indeed...I just thought the comments were unbelievably give deer a 'better chance' by not shooting at them from up close! really, we all know that you are giving them a good chance BY stalking in close, because the chances of spooking the deer are HUGE in comparison to missing a long range shot with modern technology....

    Please, no one take offense to this.

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    No offense taken, PKL. In any sport you're going to get your fair share of idiots that are largely unrepresentative of the rest of the sports' community. Sadly, the advent of the internet has made their audience much larger.

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    Likewise, no offense taken. I mostly hunt with iron sighted rifles, handguns, and muzzle loaders so getting close is required. I also do quite a bit of varmint shooting out to 400+ yards, shooting at beer-bottle sized prairiedogs with 22 Hornet, .222 and .223. I can certainly kill a mule deer at the same distances with a suitable high-powered rifle but choose not to. I have learned that (here, at least) if you're glassing a deer at 400 yards there are probably two within 100 yards you've not yet seen.

    Besides.... I'm getting old. I don't like to take shots farther than I care to walk!~Muir

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    I am so old and decrepit these days I dare not shoot anything too far away because by the time it takes me to walk that far it could have gone off not run off, started to rot
    Like I say, I don't Stalk any more I Creep

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    That's why there's a difference, in the states it's known as Deer Hunting and here we call it Stalking, they see their prey at long distance and shoot whereas we stalk to safe and certain distances, hopefully.

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    Wasnt Robbosam was it

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