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Thread: Advice please: is this ready for peroxide?

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    Advice please: is this ready for peroxide?

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    Hi all,

    I've been trying to pick every last bit of anything other than bone off this head over the last week or so. I get the feeling that I could keep going until I'm in the 6' pit at this rate and still have something attempting to cling on somewhere!

    Can I add the peroxide in its present state? Does the peroxide aside from bleaching the skull remove the final remnants of dead tissue?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Sorry, should probably have mentioned that this is the first one that I have attempted to do so apologies for the basic question.

    Thanks again,


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    By what I can make out from the photos, I would boil it again maybe you did not boil it long enough the first time
    should not take you a week to clean about an hour max once its boiled, how long you boil will depend on the age of the Buck from around twenty Min's. to maybe 45 for a real old boy, once boiled I can clean three quite easily in an hour.

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    That is ready for the peroxide and yes it will remove the small bits of tissue left dependant on strength and time left in contact.


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    Thanks guys. We'll soon know the answer... I've left it with peroxide on since about lunchtime yesterday. Admittedly I wanted to strip it off before I lefit for work last night but will clean the cotton wool off at about 9 this morning.

    Hopefully it'll turn out well.

    Thank again,


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    Dc if its had 24hrs of strong peroxide it will be eating int bone time to give it a good rinse in plenty of clean water.I boiled one yesterday forgot it and after a clean with Steam cleaner to remove flesh and brain skull had dark stains and think its spoilt

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    I shared that concern. It's only a mild one - about 6 - 9%. It's not come up too brilliant either - going to give it another couple of yours I think.

    Shame about your poached head!


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    After 16 hours with 6 - 9% peroxide this is the result.

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    A friend kindly offered the use of his workshop for a coupl of hours so I've knocked up a shield to mount it to out of oak - now waiting for some lacquer! (He's done himself one and kept an eye on me!)

    Any ideas what mounting mechanism is most suitable?



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    you can buy proper mounting clips but a screw through the shield and into some no nails in the skull and left a day or dry did my last one that a farmer wanted see your mate he will almost sure to have some suitable advantage of no nails is its white some tube gap filling glues are gray.

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