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Thread: Antler colouring

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    Antler colouring

    When preparing a roe head I stupidly allowed some hydrogen peroxide to go on the base of one antler and it's a bit white now.
    Does anyone know the best way to rectify / put colour back in to match..brown polish maybe?.



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    Potassium Permangante.

    Put in water and brush on antlers, make sure you do not get it on the skull. Brush on until the desired effect is made.

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    +1 The brown polish doesn't really work tried it not a good colour match.
    Used to be able to get potassium permanginate from any chemists but have heard that seems to be harder to source these days. If you have difficulty.
    Bushwear were selling an antler stain at one time not sure if they still do.

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    Tie skull upside down so that any excess will run 'up' the antler. It will look purple at first but will turn brown on the antler.

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    Thanks all. I was a bit confused re the pot. perm. as about the only thing I remember from school chemistry (and that wasn't yesterday) was that it was purple crystals.
    I'll get some asap and let you know.


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    Don't worry, even though the crystals are purple, it stains everything brown. If you splash any of the solution on anywhere,'s a permanent stain and only bleach will remove it. For all you fans of useless information..... during the 2nd world war when silk stockings were unavailable, some ladies would sit in a bath with K permanganate solution to stain their legs brown and then pencil a 'seam' on the back of their legs so it looked like they were wearing the real thing.
    ..... then they had to clean the brown stained bath!! (with bleach). price of fashion eh?

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    I used some PP just this morning to stain an Axis Buck head that I had that needed colouring as said it works a treat and just build it up to the desired effect. Beware it does stain darker when left so it may look a little pale at first but wait for it to dry fully well thats what I found.

    I got a tub from these guys turned up the next day give them a call very helpful even called to tell me when the courier would arrive 5 star service.


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