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Thread: mauser

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    anyone know of a dealer for new Mauser in the UK.

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    Open Season Ltd.
    Rupert Haynes
    Unit 2, Moorbrook Park
    Didcot Oxfordshire
    OX11 7HP

    Tel.: 0044 (0) 7771607481
    Fax: 0044 (0) 1235514552

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    anyone know the cost of these rifles.

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    Beechwood was asking 1,400 for the basic M-03 Extreme before it lost the distribution, plus 250 for the unique scope mount. They aren't cheap.

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    I paid 41000 kr for my M03 extreme in .308. 3400 pounds That was with the short barrel 52cm (costs more). Mauser mounts . You have no choice but to use mauser mounts. Topped with a S&B 3-12x50 FD scope.

    A heavy rifle. Very well made. 100% pleased with mine.

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    and the rep is one of the rudest people you'd meet.

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    I bet they have gone up in price as well have you seen the value of the pound against the Euro S&B scopes have gone though the roof.

    Best rgds


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    Yes funny old thing when the pound recovers the price rarely drops! Makes me glad I got mine last year.
    Thar how was your trip to NZ I managed to get out red hind stalking up north and got a couple plus got some nice pictures of some red hinds and some great stags.

    Cheers all


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    Mauser current uk dealer

    I also found the new distributer to be a Big Liar and rude so i went and bought a sako
    Any one else had the same experiance??

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