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Thread: New seat produces again

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    New seat produces again

    Last week i built a new seat, not exactly a high seat but one that enables me to see over the bracken etc, and get me up away from the midges.

    After several days of strong wind and rain, i finaly got a nice evening to try it.

    I was watching a doe for about 20 mins straight out in front across a gully

    When a good buck appeared, eventualy he presented a broadside shot so i let loose a 140gr gameking from my 6.5x55

    A quick photo then time to get my hands warm.

    The finished head

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    nice looking head you got there! is that your new method of cleaning heads in the background, a quick dunk in those fearsome looking fish??

    regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    well done mate what a buitiful looking buck

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    Brilliant mate!
    Like the look of the high seat too!
    Could do with 1 of those, any more info on it?


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    Nice seat ,when your bracken is at that height break the stems to the ground you'll find doing it a couple of time a season will stop it coming up allowing the grass to come up ,saves loads of work looking for a shot beasty in heavy undergrowth .

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    Nice seat and a nice buck, congrats!

    My Hunting Blog: click here

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    The fish are a cross between gold and piranha, they bite worse than they look

    The seats are very easy to make, i bought four 3m lenghts of 3x2, put a screw through them at the pivot point, put a brace across top/bottom/sides.
    The ladder and rifle rest are off big pallets from work.

    If you were buying all your wood then six lenghts would see it completed.

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    Nice 1 mate, thanks for the info.
    Lovely looking buck by the way!!!


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    Nice seat and cracking buck!!! Out of interest what is the trophy weight at the moment. (i appreciate it still needs to dry)



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