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Thread: Having my eye lasered.

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    Having my eye lasered.

    Tomorrows the big day,
    having them done tomorrow morning.
    I have worn glasses full time since I was 10, so if i'm im luck tonight (or if I go back for that buck in the early hours) should be my last hunt with glasses on.
    Never even fired a gun without them.
    Will I have to re-learn to shoot?
    They promise me 20/20 vision.
    Should be life changing.
    Wish me luck guys I'm a little nervous.

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    Best of luck with that John but when they've done it don't say GOOD SHOT RELOAD

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    Good luck hope it goes well , had mine done 2 years ago and never looked back

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    good luck john,

    may steady some of those camera shots...
    only kidding mate hope it goes well for you and you achieve 20/20

    atb frank

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    Good luck for tomorrow John hope it all goes well for you and you get the eye sight you're after. On another note yep you get lucky to night and get the 50 in by the end of may like you hoped.


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    hi john good luck my wife had them done about 2 years ago you will have a couple of days off
    atb tom

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    Had my done 18 months ago, they messed mine up and sent me cross eyed. I had to go back to have them fixed. Took them 6 weeks to fit me back in. You will be ok mate, Ed.

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    no looking back mate Click image for larger version. 

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    All the best John hope it all goes well for you tomorrow.

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