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Thread: found few more things chaps

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    found few more things chaps

    Hi chaps found a few more things if any body interested
    parker hale cleaning rod.
    the two dvds that the british deer society have done gralloching: from field to larder and skin butchery and cook
    also found about six sets of various scope rings for like remmy etc not quite sure of the makes but i dont buy junk in good condition i want to sell them as a whole lot cheap of course.
    if i find any more gear ill up date this

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    sorry the dvds cleaning rod will be sold seperate to the scope rings sorry for mis understanding
    also found two full size velvet crows
    two full size plastic feel magpies decouys
    and ten half bodyed wood piegons with sticks

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    how much for the piddies?

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    How much for the DVD's???


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    Could I have a price of the DVDs posted please?

    Cheers Adrian

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    I would like the scope mounts if the price is right (of course)
    Damn, I've just driven past your neck of the woods!

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    And how much for the crows and magpies posted (or just crows)

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    Second dibs on the crows and magpies please

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