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Thread: browning xbolt 7mm08

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    browning xbolt 7mm08

    Attachment 7138selling my browning xbolt 7mm08 stainless synthetic complete with custom mod and third eye tactical rail .i,m having a custom 708 made,this rifle is in as new condition and shoots half inch groups with home loads and inch groups with federal fusion 140g.700 or nearest offer.regards jim
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    wish you had decided a month or so ago Jim, already bought a ruger no1V and a leupold vx3 now,so no spare cash to fill the 7.08mm slot. Somebody is getting a bargain buy though. take it you have won the lottery then.

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    no not won the lottery sinbad,just thought i,d treat myself and spend some of the kids inheritance

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    what custom rifle package are you going for!!
    Hope its something exotic if you are using the kids inheritance mate.

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    nothing really exotic sinbad,it,ll be based on a sako 75 action,tried to edit the for sale post to include 30mm third eye tactical mounts aswell,but not very good on computer,so still for sale but 600 will buy it now complete with mounts,rail and mod.

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    browning xbolt 7mm08 Hi is this still available.

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    sorry its now sold!

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    third eye 30mm tactical mounts and rail still for sale and custom mod

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