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Thread: deer initiative.

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    deer initiative.

    Could someone please explain what these people are about and what is their agenda, i have read their blurb but that does not tell you what THEIR REAL aims are.
    Two of the farmers i control deer for said they have been sniffing around saying they want to put high seats on their land and will control the deer for them. Luckily these guys know that i can be trusted and would not entertain DI,s unwanted advances.
    They have apparently been organising meetings in village halls in and around my areas offering their GENEROSITY to land owners.

    Regards MT.

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    Sounds like another one of these deer groups/syndicate set ups

    They seem to have suddenly sprung up over the last few years. We had one down this way, shot the hell out of everywhere they went, cherry picked the big heads and then moved on after they were thrown off. Also had another group in Scotland that I knew of, they lasted one season, that was about 7 years back.

    These groups/people are a bit like mushrooms, they appear overnight and no one knows much about them, but they never really seem to last long. I wonder why

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    Hi mole trapper

    The DI have been around for a few years now, but have always said that they are there to coordinate rather than do the actual culling. Sounds like somebody might be using their name to do a bit of freelancing. What part of the country are you in? I know that the DI has been especially active in the east of England although they cover all regions.

    At the moment the DI are 'independent', but I suspect that they want to become more of an official body, a bit like the Deer Commission for Scotland. If so, it's worrying.

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    As always a good place to start is the web:

    It all looks fine and dandy - "registered charity", "partnership", "sustainable" - it has all the right terminology. (For those of you that think the DSC - and all associated with it - are spawn of the devil you may wish to check out the connection between DI and DMQ! )

    However, it appears that some folk in 'deer management groups' that the DI 'co-ordinate' sometimes put a bit of a spin on their spiel to farmers/landowners. "Deer Initiative" (official charitable body etc etc)seems to get more of a mention than "XXX management group" (vension wholesalers, stalking to let, sporting agents etc etc).

    It tends to be the same old pitch, "We will manage your deer 'problem' at no cost to you, blah, blah, blah" and then as Sikamalc says the local
    herd(s) get shot to bits, the good heads taken (by whom and at what fee?) and off they jolly well go. I have even heard of landowners being charged for the 'deer management service'!

    As in all things I guess there will be good and bad management groups - I just wish they all would represent themselves honestly.

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    Its a bit of a concern if they are a registered charity. Charitable Law is a bit of a mine field, I fail to see how they can call it a charity, in fact it seems totally wrong to me as I have worked for one for 34 years.

    Time will tell I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sikamalc
    Its a bit of a concern if they are a registered charity. Charitable Law is a bit of a mine field, I fail to see how they can call it a charity, in fact it seems totally wrong to me as I have worked for one for 34 years.

    Time will tell I guess.
    What are they doing thats incompatible with their charitable status? My gut feeling is that they are doing just that, but I don't know enough about Charity Law to say 100%...

    My understanding of the situation is the same as Bandit Country...I would add that the main funding behind the DI is the Forestry Commission at present..

    The DI's official stance is that the promote or help set up independent Deer Management Groups to manage or control deer more effectively over larger areas.

    From talking to various people in areas where the DI are active, it would seem that these Deer Management Groups often try to take over as much land as possible in the area and use the DI's name to do it often at the expense of the resident stalker..

    I've actually heard that certain officials within the DI are just as bad in this respect...

    Proving what amounts to an abuse of position is a different matter and its proof the Charities Commission would need to take any action..

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    we knowone else said it clearly so i will, they go round getting FREE STALKING pretending to be of help to the landowners and they will get it aswell.
    The price for some stalking is getting silly nowadays anyway, city types heading north in there new 4x4s,
    Wellys with zips
    Fancy German Rifles
    l tell you!!! lol

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    To attain Charitable Status you must be a non profit making buisness that does not benefit you financially, nor must you be affilliated to a profit making business or have any trustees that have a foot in two camps, this is taken as a conflict of interest, and could be against charitable law.

    I fail to see how a business is trying to gain free stalking and managing deer can be Charitable can you!!!

    The BDS is a Charitable status because it does not stalk deer it is there for the welfare and benefit of deer.

    I am suspicious of these types of Deer control units/organisations that claim to be under Charitable Law

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    It seems very easy for these Charities to side step those requirements..I believe the BDS for instance has a trading company associated with it so they can sell training and goods ect...

    Getting back o the DI, I don't think it has any stalking in its name, but rather sets up the independent DMG's plus some of its employees just happen to get stalking which is then in their names not the DI's...

    The whole thing stinks and is just an abuse of power...However unless the DI can show some tangible benefits to the FC, there is a good chance they will have their funding cut...I know the FC have already scaled back their contributions a year ortwo ago and it resulted in some belt tightening in the DI..I suspect that if it were to happen again, they would go under...



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    Thanks for confirming my concerns, been up there this afternoon chatting to two of the farmers, they both agreed they did not want a bunch of blokes with guns that they dont know from adam wandering about the place. Funny thing was while we were all stood there putting the world to rights a couple of ladies came along on their horses, turns out they were neighbours from further up the valley, next thing i was asked if i could do something about both of their deer aswell as it was common place to see 30-40 in their fields at any given time. Grudgingly i said if i must, .
    Just as a finale, i had taken a good friend of mine with me as i owed him a favour, on the first bit of the new ground he took a lovely conditioned fallow pricket at a 140 yds, we both came away delighted with the way this afternoon went.
    Regards MT.

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