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Thread: Remmy custom rebarrel job

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    Remmy custom rebarrel job

    Hi my old remmy 700 22.250 was burnet out a bit so i got it rebarreld by Grant Taylor in dundee. I had seen some of grants work as im 30min's away & his own rifle he built for his F-class shooting to which he is brittish & european champion.
    I got a true-flite barrel as recomended by grant & had it finished at 21" in contour 5 with a 1-12 twist & bead blasted & screw cut 5/8" with a CQB-S. Recoil lug fitted & action worked on semi blue-print etc. I had the jewell trigger already & HS-stock which i had bedded by grant.
    The whole job was done in 4-5 days when barrel came in & he set about the work then to the proof etc. I have had very little chance to load develope the rifle but with 50g noslers & varget & iv got it shooting .250 MOA & would recomend grants work to no probs & hw will get my next project in 260 when i have the money. Here is some pic's sorry for quality & lack of as my son broke our camera so limited on pics now. I can text pics of groups if required for others interested in his work.

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    That looks one sweet rifle mate very jealous.

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    I am sure it is a shooter, but it looks bloody heavy to me it sure has a bull barrel, truck gun/long range varminter?



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    Hi thanks for repiles. Tahr it is quite heavy dispite being 21" barrel & it is more truck gun but i plan to see what i can push it out to on gongs & accurate at distances i try. The scope i got is away as it wasent dialling in right so it is away back to IOR. I got it second hand so recon it was damaged in transit to me. Hope it wont be long & you may see me get some posts up on UKV about how im doing with it as gongs. I take it you are the same Tahr off UKV.

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    Hi V-Max

    Thanks for the info’ I have one heavy barrelled 223 cut back to 20”, On your rifle maybe the shorter barrel give me the impression that it was a bigger diameter than it was in reality. Good to see a rifle built on a Tru-Flite barrel.

    I post on VUK under Bambi Basher, I did use the name on here for a while, until somebody got upset about it so changed to protect there sensitivities.



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