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Thread: Mentor for FAc application

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    Mentor for FAc application

    I have been asked to act as FAC mentor for a local landowners son and need to put
    together a letter for his FEO.

    Does/has anyone here acted as a mentor before and have a sample letter, or any idea of what
    wording the FEO requires?

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    not been a mentor myself nut had to have one on my FAC. i didn't have to give anyones details or write an letters it just stated that i can only use the .243 under supervision of an 'experienced full bore rifle shooter'?? hope this is of use to you or your friends son?
    Regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Try reading this thread:

    Firearms mentor/supervisor letter to licensing Police Force..

    looks fairly straight forward

    Hope this helps

    Below is a link to my website.
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    Has the lad any experiance of firearms.I can understand police wanting to know he is safe but in law provided he has good reason to own a firearm, he should not be required to have a mentor.This is getting all too common FEO,s sholuld be pull up on this.

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    i,ve been shooting 20 odd years and applied for sgc/fac with a letter of competance from the farmer who's land i,d shot on for 20 yr. done dsc1 and had a glowing report from a good friend who works in a gunshop and still had to have a named mentor,which i was never asked about. fac turned up with his name on it. but i,m stuck with him for about 6 months now and wanting too try and get some more permission. stav

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    Stav, how about writing in to them stating all of the above and pointing out that the mentoring condition is achieving nothing and also inconveniencing you. Maybe ask them the reason why it has to be in place. It will cost you nothing and might get it lifted sooner rather than later.

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    hi orion, i,m just putting a little portfollio(spelling) together. been with another stalker who has done me a letter,mentors going to do me one and hopefully get one elsewhere between now and posting.but too be honest i was that chuffed at getting everything i asked for on my fac dint have the heart to ring up complaining.stav

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