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Thread: Hello from Woody in Wiltshire

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    Hello from Woody in Wiltshire

    Dear All,
    Just joined so I wanted to formally introduce myself and saya big hello to you all. I’m very muchlooking forward to getting involved, contributing, sharing info and hopefullygetting to know some of you.
    A little bit about me...30 year old chap who loves theoutdoors and all Country Pursuits. Passionate about deer and their managementand wish to do more; have DSC1, FAC, rifle and insurance. Live in Wiltshire nearto Salisbury with my lovely fiancée. Ifanybody in the Wilts area knows of any local gatherings where I can meet members’etc. or indeed needs a hand on their farm in exchange for some stalking etc. thenplease get in touch.

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    Hello Woody and welcome from the North.


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    Hi Woody, there is a 'Wiltshire' meeting/gathering at the Bath Arms in Crockerton tomorrow night at 7.30
    It is usually a blast, a bunch of like minded people talking B****ks with the odd beer thrown in.
    Not many of us know each other until we meet so you should fit in a treat.
    It is mentioned on this site so you may find it if you have a trawl.

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    Hi EMcC and cheers for letting me know about tonight. I did see the gathering but regrettably I can’t make it as I’m attending a birthday bash. Presumably these gatherings are a regular thing; is there one planned after this one anytime soon? Meeting like-minded blokes and a few beers sounds good to me. How long have you been in the area for? I’m keen to meet local stalkers and soak up as much knowledge etc. - happy to lend a hand or pay a moderate amount in exchange for some stalking and tutelage. If you know of anybody who could help then that would be great. Woody.

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    Cheers JR, Nice to hear from you.

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    welcome woody, I am in north Hampshire not to far from you.

    come see me in the winter months can let you have a roe doe, as i dont have much in the way of bucks.


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