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    How do,

    Hallo there, Name's Simmo. Thought I'd sign up to the site after it was recommended to me by a mate. Been a stalker for about 8 years, can't get enough of it thanks to the mrs! Had a good morning on Sunday, still on a high so i thought I'd add these two photos

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    How do Simmo and welcome nice buck.

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    Thanks DINGDONG, I was pleased with him as well. Just about to BBQ some of his burgers whilst admiring his head with a couple of mates!

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    Hi Simmo,

    I may be having a senior moment but have I hunted with you in Norfolk ( Hockham Deer)?

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    One and the same boss! Hope you had a good trip?

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    Aye, all hunting is good, especially when you get a nice fat Muntjac

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    Hi Nick,

    Great to see you on here mate. Hope you are well - and still making great sounds with the 'Black Beauty'?? Hope to catch up with you and Eddie at some point. Give my regards to Mark, Kerrie.


    (Director - Jelen Deer Services) Jelen Deer- Committed to excellence

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    Hallo mate,

    Black Beauty is still singing nicely! All the crew are well, though i think Eddie has a veruka!

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