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Thread: 17 HMR CZ 452 Varmint 20"

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    17 HMR CZ 452 Varmint 20"

    I am selling my 17HMR as i no longer have a need for it.
    20" threaded heavy barrel complete with a dedicated .17HMR Third Eye tactical overbarrel mod and take down tool.
    Fitted with a Yo-Dave trigger kit for a nice clean break and a set of BBK 1" rings.
    The bolt handle has been fitted with an oversize bolt knob, during rapid cycling with the standrd bolt handle i kept on catching the top of my thumb on the zoom ring of my leupold scope resulting in lots of blood and pain hence the mod.
    This rifle rerally does handle much better and easily holds under 1" @ 100yds
    It has only had approx 300rnds and is in very good condition apart from a few small dings in the woodwork
    The Moderator has a small scratch from where i dropped it
    Superb rabbit gun but i prefer to use my C/Fs
    Scope is not for sale.
    Offers over 300
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    Hi all, i want to sell this rifle so i am open to offers over 300, thanks


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    Now Sold pending payment


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