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Thread: Some thing different

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    Some thing different

    last night while stalking

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    Good video - - and good dog ! I did expect it to fly rather than go under cover though.


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    The look on her face is priceless

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    Nice one mate,
    see her tail twitching made me laugh, bet you had a bit of a twitch as well

    We got a load of rabbits up by the barn at home Max spends at least half an hour there every evening on point, if they aint come out he lies down and waits well strange

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    nice one was it ok or do you think it had had crash landing into trees?
    You will see it without glasses soon good luck with that

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    It glided down the ride and then walked to the side of the ride.
    Breezes look makes me laugh you can read that what the **** is that.
    And she is on 3 legs also.
    Her farther points well (bird dog), when he is on feather lifts front leg off, when fur back leg. Very clever never taught that he's always done it.
    Great fun to shoot over him, if the back legs up it will run if the front it will fly!
    He's 12 now so not many seasons left. He's my best mate.

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    good job it was not windy john it would of blow her over ,great to see how fixed she was


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    must drive over for a chat soon,hope eyes are ok,dogs are constant scource of pleasure to watch.

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    clever dog

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    Quote Originally Posted by roedeerred View Post
    must drive over for a chat soon,hope eyes are ok,dogs are constant scource of pleasure to watch.
    More than welcome mate.
    I keep threatening to come to a bds meet, I hear things have changed alot over the last few years.
    regards John

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