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Thread: Hugh's Fish Fight - Support needed today!

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    Hugh's Fish Fight - Support needed today!

    Dear all,

    the above Campaign (To get the EU to change its fishing policy to reduce the shocking amount of discarded fish) is presenting 1230 TODAY (UK Time) in front of the EU Comissioners in Brussels. (They are going to have a live display of supporter numbers up so to boost this would be more than useful!)

    It would really help to have as much support as possible so please sign up!

    More info and sign the petition at:



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    + 1 on that. It doesn't take long and if we call ourselves conservationists we should support conservation.



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    Done it - didn't hurt a bit.

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    I have only eaten fish caught by rod and line for 20 years because of the way our fish stocks have been exploited; it is about time this was sorted. Harvest natures bounty, don’t destroy the lot is my view.

    Sign up? You bet.



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    Done also, good post thanks.
    Too Old Soon Too Late Smart

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    Great stuff folks! Keep it coming!

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    Done, me and the family also


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    Its shocking what goes on out there at the moment and must be changed!


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