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Thread: Best served cold !

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    Best served cold !

    i thought i would tell you a little story about what happened last friday evening , and for those who have been robbed of guzumpt out of a permission you will love this !

    now just of late ive been a bit quiet on the stalking front , ive had about 750 acres of roe stalking that ive had for the last 5 yrs snitched from under my nose by the syndicate shoot , who offered the farmer an extra 2000 for the stalking rights too a couple of new members want to shoot the roe bucks , apparently they have seen a medal class buck or 2 ! .

    farmers being farmers he took the gold and told me to remove my high seats, which i did and i was off on my merry way !

    well on friday afternoon the syndicate shoot captain rocks up on my door step complaining of a nest of fox cubs , begging me to come and sort them out , because the syndicate snipers were unavilable .

    i reluctantly agree tounge in cheek ,and get the rifle and go to the said spot of the den . well to my surprise the syndicate snipers were there eyeing up a VERY nice roe buck just over the boundary on a small 15 acre field of spring barley , so i had a look though my trusty lecia's and thought to my self , thats that barsteward buck ive been after for years !!!

    so i got my rifle and sticks , straight passed the snipers and said back in 2 jiffs and to their amazment i walked slowly straight accross the wheat field , over the shallow ditch slipped a 270 round up the spout up on the sticks , the buck raised his head and WOLLOP straight in the neck one quite dead VERY NICE roe buck .

    i unloaded my rifle and walked back from the easiest stalk ive ever had from a buck ive been after for 4 years , shaking like a leaf .

    when i got back to my truck there was a lot of noise and ranting and raving and threats to call the law about me poaching , untill i pulled my ace card and showed them the farm map and permission letter of the farmer next door (it pays to have a mobile office in the truck at all times) !

    i bid my fair well told the shoot captain in no ceartain words to stick his foxes where the sun didnt shine (and i wasnt polite about it either !), my last words were SORRY MUST DASH IVE GOT A MEDAL ROE BUCK TO GRALLOCH !

    revenge is always better very very cold especially in front of an audience !

    presently weighing 560 grammes after 5 days of drying im hoping for a bronze maybe silver !

    Discretion assured
    - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857

    please visit our web site:
    http://uksha1 or find us on facebook
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    Doesn't matter whether it's a medal class or not mate, it's worth it's weight in gold politically!
    I would have suggested to them that there were a few foxes needed attention now that there were no Roe Bucks to shoot!
    I wonder if they are on here somewhere?
    Keep it up and you'll get the permission back soon I reckon.

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    Cracking would love to have seen the look on there faces .

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    I can just imagine the toff eejots asking you to shoot the foxes, even though they are already out with rifle in hand after a different quarry. Why are some people so perculier?

    Well done to you. Cool as you like eh?!


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    Nice one Lee just a shame it was one you had been after for a while, as id let them shoot it got them nicked and pointed out to the land owner just what sort of "PLUMS" he now had Stalking his land ????????

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    Good on ya,I would of told the shoot captain to "Go forth".what goes around comes around.
    Atb John.

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    Priceless!!!! That must have felt good!!!!



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    Must have been very satisfying for sure but was it a good idea to burn your bridges with the shoot capt by telling him to stick it? When they are overrun with deer because no does have been taken it would have been you they would probably have come running to!

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