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Thread: Sako 75 Finlite (Last Batch of), 25/06, fired under 100 rounds from new.

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    Sako 75 Finlite (Last Batch of), 25/06, fired under 100 rounds from new.


    I am selling my finlite as it 's just never getting used, she's a 25/06 from the last run of 75's made, purchased from Andersons at christmas 2009.

    Under 100 rounds have gone through the rifle, sale is with all fired brass & aprox 100 rounds of Sako 117grn factory game head.

    The rifle is threaded half inch unf & has a northstar mod & 30mm optilock stainless rings fitted also.

    This is a very lite & accurate short rifle setup

    The rifle is in very good condition overall & has one or two minor scratches on the synthetic stock in addition to a pin head sized scratch on the stainless barrell.

    As I have said its not getting used & is too good to have hanging around as a 3rd backup rifle I am afraid to say, the modorator has always been removed whilst in the storage safe also.

    I am after 950 & will try to add some pics tomorrow, I am happy to arrange an RFD to RFD transfer, the rifle is in Southampton Hampshire & should anyone want to have a look then please PM me.

    Thanks Lee
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