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Thread: My very first stalk

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    Smile My very first stalk

    On Tuesday night at just before 18.00 I arrived at John Robson's house for my 1st stalk. I am a total novice to stalking and was both excited and a bit nervous. When I say nervous, I mean in the way I didnt want to balls up the shot, thats if we were lucky enough to indeed get a shot. John from the off puts you at your ease and his coaching is 'to the point' and easily taken in, and he doesnt mind you asking daft beginner's questions and will explain any and all stalking terms/jargon.

    Once on the ground he made me familiar with his rifle and scope and I fired a couple of shots at a deer silhouette put in front of a **** heap. He was happy my with shooting and weapon handling so decided to start the stalking so I closely followed John and his GSP bitch up a ride. As we went John pointed out slots on the ground and said different beast of differrent sizes were moving through the area and pointed out the damage they were doing as we went. After a while we climbed into a high seat but after only a few mins John wasnt happy with the position as the surrounding trees had limited the arcs of fire so we moved and onto the next ride, moving very slowly and stopping to glass every now and then when all of a sudden a young buzzard dropped onto the ground about 30 yards in front of us and just looked at us. The GSP was totally focused on the buzzard and just didnt take her eyes off it. Meanwhile John videoed the whole thing and we just kept moving forward very slowly until when we got very close the bird just turned its back on us and just walked into thicker cover.

    We continued our stalk until John caught a glimpse of a yearling 4 pointer about 140 yards away on the edge of a cereal field. John set up the sticks and I mounted the rifle on them and knocked off the safety as per the drill. John confirmed it as a shootable beast and said wait for the classic side on heart & lung shot. The animal all time was moving towards us but in & then out of cover but never long enough to get the shot that we were after. The whole process took 4-6 mins but the longer it took and closer it got to us, the more harder my ticker was beating. Eventually he was only 30 yards from us, decided to go into a trot and at this point John said "neck shoot it" and he slowed it up briefly with a sort of barking noise and then said "now" at which point I fired and he folded like a deckchair. All the time this was going on the scope was set at x8 mag and the beast looked enormous but we still managed a clean kill. After the shot I couldnt keep my hands still and John said my breathing was all over the place but I was fine whilst taking the shot! On closer inspection of the beast - I thought - what a beauty!

    I learned a massive amount from John in that couple of hours, such as shooting off sticks, tracking, pace, how to bleed, how to gralloch, food hygiene plus much much more and I can't praise him enough. I have rebooked with him and can't wait! John has put the short films with the buzzard episode and the roe on YouTube.

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    pleased you enjoyed your self.

    well done and you remembered to reload.

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    Thanks, I did thoroughly enjoy myself. Hope all went well with you today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LSF View Post
    Thanks, I did thoroughly enjoy myself. Hope all went well with you today?
    well i'm typing without glasses, a first for 34 years.
    will email photos tomorrow

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    well done lee great story and great shooting mate ,john on form again well done mate.


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    Great, look forward to seeing the photo's! Sounds like it was a success for you. I will keep in touch and thanks again

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    well done

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    That's what it's all about! Great stuff and a lovely read.


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    Hope to see you soon and thanks all for your comments.
    Lee we were a little spoilt by lady luck, that is a big part of stalking.
    Sadly so is bad luck and bad weather, you will experience all those in the future also.
    But thats what makes it fun, you will never forget that first buck, you will have to work to grass more and that will make them memorable too.( I hope).
    Off to have my eyes tested now i'll send email later today.
    regards John

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    Well done and well done John. First thing you notice is the cold and wind on your eye sockets. That area has lived in a greenhouse for 34 years, ATB Jim

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