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    Hi lads, I am 18 years old and currently training to be a Gamekeeper. I am going to be puting in for my FAC. I have a few questions regarding it. Can i keep my Rifle in a Shotgun Cabinet with the bolt and bullets kept in a seperate locked cabinet ? I am going to be putting in for a .222 for roe deer in Scotland and fox. Do i need to apply on my Application for a Moderator ? Also if i have permittion from a large farm will the police go ond check that the ground is suitable ? Also any other advice is appreciated.

    Many thanks


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    Hi Andrew,

    You can kep your shotguns and rifles in the same cabinet provided that you store all ammunition, primers, bullets in a seperate locked cabinet. Also worth noting that you can't share a cabinet with another license holder unless you have licenced access to their weapons and vice versa.

    When you apply for the .222 if you want a moderator you will have to apply for a moderator on your application. You will need to have a certificate for the mod when making the purchase, similar to the rifle.

    You'll need to state how much ammunition you'd like to buy in one transaction and how much you would like to possess. Think about this sensibly as there is no need to stockpile large amounts for normal use.

    As far as the ground is concerned, the police may want to see the land, they may not. If the land is renowned for undulating 'soft' terrain with little or no footpaths then they may be content with a permission letter.

    Good luck with it. Feel free to message me if you get stuck - I may not be able to help but I'll have a good go for you.


    P.S. If you wish to make the most of this forum you will need to introduce yourself in the appropriate section.

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    It often helps get your first FAC if you are a member of a club that shoots on ranges (Home Office Approved is what it used to be called). The BDS is one - are you a member? Is there a rifle club near you that you could join?
    It's a good idea to go for a 222 or 223 as you can learn to shoot without having to worry about heavy recoil. But think about maybe also asking for a variation for a bigger calibre as well when you first apply. Your certificate is valid for 5 years and are you likely to want to shoot bigger deer in that time? You don't have to buy a rifle just because you have the variation and it would save you cash getting the second rifle variation later.
    Thinking about your chosen profession (gamekeeper) you will probably want a .22 rimfire also for rabbit control!
    As for ammunition - I'd ask for more than you are likely to need in the first place as the police often give you permission to acquire and hold less than you ask for.
    Remember if you don't ask you don't get! Ask for more then possibly back off and get what you really need.
    Another thing that can be a benefit to your application is having a chat with your local police firearms officer and discussing it before you put in your application. He is the fist person you have to convince - get him on your side and you are half way there.
    Good luck with your application - let us know how you get on.

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    There is advice on the BASC web site under applications forms on the LHS of the first page to help with filling in FAC forms

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