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Thread: Sheep ticks ?

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    Sheep ticks ?

    I have just returned from a stalking trip to Thetford . The deer i shot were alive with keds and ticks . My question is?I stalk in many parts of the uk ,in sussex you rarely see a deer with a tick ,here in the midlands they are not common, in Sutherland the deer are alive with ticks and keds . So why is it that in some areas they are present and not in other areas ?
    What is the tick problem like in your area ?


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    In the areas I stalk you can shoot bucks that are covered in ticks then 1 mile down the road shoot them with very few ticks at all. I find a lot of ticks in the boggy areas and mossy/birch woodlands.

    Some of the bucks this year have been bad and I've pulled quite a few off myself, some of the ticks are very small this year.

    The 2 bucks I had this morning had very few ticks to be seen.


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    The roe here always have some ticks never seems to matter where they come from they all have them but never in great amounts but i find deer that come from areas with a lot of pine seem to carry heavy ked burdens,the denser the pine the more keds seems to be the way of things,although the ticks are no more prevalent on the deer i've had a lot more on me lately just tiddlers but they seem to be everywhere.

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    It does seem like there are a few real hotspots, and Thetford is one of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John_R View Post
    It does seem like there are a few real hotspots, and Thetford is one of them.
    I often get the feeling I am a hotspot for the beggars too.
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    We see them very rarely Worcestershire, whilst in Scotland I used sweat bands soaked in neat DEET over my socks just above the top of my boots, appeared to work on legs anyway.

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