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Thread: Blaser Saddle Mounts

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    Blaser Saddle Mounts

    Just wondering if any one has any ideas on which scope (Swaro Or Zeiss) to mount on a set of Blaser rings and bases.
    Reason I ask is that some scopes may have more adjustment than others. What I mean is that they come further back to give the correct eye relief.
    Most comments will be welcome.

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    I certainly have had no trouble getting the eye relief correct with several different Swaro's on my Blaser, both PV's and Z6's. The Z6 seems to me to have a noticeably longer eye relief than the PV so you should have no troouble there.

    Can't speak of Zeiss as I have never tried one.

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    I have a Zeiss Victory 2.5-10x50 on my .243 Blaser and there's plenty of adjustment fore and aft. I'd be surprised if you had any problems with eye relief.

    Now if I can only find another saddlemount for my .308

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    I've never had a problem and i've got a couple of different scopes (Docter 8x56, Zeiss 6x42 & 8x56 & 6.5-20x50 & 3-12x56, Leupold 3-9x50, Schmidt & Bender 6x42 & 8x56) all in Blaser mounts .

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    Thanks for the replies guys.

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