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Thread: Legal pocket knife?

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    Legal pocket knife?

    So my girlfriend calls this morning and the car in front of her hit a roebuck - what does she do? The deer is very alive but not going anywhere as the back end has been hit. It's busy, rush hour, no option really - just call the police and let them deal with it.

    But these things always get me thinking... I used to carry a knife in the car should I ever need to dispatch anything at the roadside (obviously would only consider it on quite rural road etc), but am reluctant to carry a Clipper or something similar as it's illegal unless you're actually on your way stalking etc... Is there anything which is a) legal to carry in a vehicle all the time and b) up to the job of dispatching a deer? I believe even Opinel knives are illegal as they have a locking mechanism.

    *ps - legal/illegal used in terms of carrying a knife when you're not involved in an activity that requires it.

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    With the Offensive weapon legislation an item has to be either made, adapted or intended to be an offensive weapon. I.e. Nunchucks are designed to be a weapon to cause injury and so no need to prove intent to use, the same could be said for a 'combat' knife. The same would apply if you put nails in a baseball bat the bat alone is not made as a weapon nor the nails but by putting the nails through the bat it has been adapted for use as a weapon therefore no need to prove intent to use. It is only an offence to possess an offensive weapon in a public place (not private i.e. no public access) without lawful authority or reasonable excuse i.e. going to or from stalking etc...

    With any other sort of knife (not made specifically as a weapon) intent to use as a weapon would need to be proven for a court conviction (only suspicion of intent needed to arrest). Forgetfulness is not a defence so you cannot claim to have forgotten its in the car.

    There is also the offence of possession of a pointed or bladed article in a public place. This can be any pointed or bladed item again only offence in public place and only offence if without lawful authority/ reasonable excuse.

    There is one exception to both pieces of legislation and that is the 'folding pocket knife' which is any non locking folding knife with a blade length of less than 3 in/ 7.62 cm. which is what your opinel comes under providing it doesn't have one of the twisting locks.

    Hopefully this helps but in answer to your original question i would want to try to despatch a deer with a folding picket knife i doubt you would finnish with the same number of fingers you started with.



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    F##king unbelievable what this country has come to. That a guy should be concerned about having a knife in his car.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Rob - yep, understand the law (although couldn't have summarised it as well as that!), but was looking for practical exceptions which were legal i.e. a small, folding, non-locking knife which is capable of dispatching a deer. Personally, I doubt such a thing exists but you never know...??

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    Unfortunately the law doesn't do practical or common sense. I carry the clip blade (bottom right) which is very stiff once fully opened but still not locking, it probably would be able to despatch a deer if you where careful. Not ideal but doable i think. The also sell them in SCATS.



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    knife law

    Does the law and the world not realize that billy the baddie is not going to give a rats backside about what the law says.
    handguns baned semi auto full bore not changed the criminal fraternities way of life.
    a prominent time and my feeling go out to families who have lost loved ones.

    why should knife laws change billy the baddies ways
    in this world you can only police the policable.

    so if you are one of the good guys/gals who pays his / hers bills live within the law as an address you are POLICED
    Do not get me wrong i verdantly believe we all need police and laws to live within but let the laws be used to police the unpoliceable as well :

    Political correctness allows the criminals to escape the law and do what now looks like easy time and attain a degree on us free whilst our kids have to pay for when in gainful employment
    we have allowed this to happen ourself

    soap box away


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    You can carry a non locking blade So long as the cutting edge is under 3 inch. I would go for a slip joint knife if you can find one , or look up edc knife on the net....that's every day carry. Legal to carry in normal day to day but clearly taking one to a football match or a night club would be asking for trouble. Regarding offensive weapons , anything can be classed as that, a pencil, a golf club or a cricket bat if used with force. The things that are banned such a knuckle dusters etc are prohibited items, get caught with anything that is....and some knives are, ie flick knives then you don't have any grounds for a defence. If you carry your stalking knife in error into a shop after stalking for example your defence would be you had just been stalking and either forgot to remove it or felt it unsafe to leave it in the car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 243Sako View Post
    With any other sort of knife (not made specifically as a weapon) intent to use as a weapon would need to be proven for a court conviction (only suspicion of intent needed to arrest). Forgetfulness is not a defence so you cannot claim to have forgotten its in the car.
    In your glovebox in a pouch? This disbled pensioner would be unlikely to use it as a weapon he was convicted just for carrying a knife without lawful excuse.

    Disabled pensioner charged with possession of swiss army knife |

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    Also I wouldn't dream of trying to dispatch a wounded animal with any folding knife. I'm not really a fan of fixed blade knives - IMO it's a firearms job.

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    Case in point, a few years ago I was driving home through the forest after collecting my daughter from the stables the car in front hit a young fallow, he stopped I stopped and we both went forward to see what the damage was, it appears the pelvis was broken.

    I sent my daughter back to the truck to get my knife on returning she passed it to me, now don't ask me why but without thinking I offered it to the other driver and asked if he would like to do the honours, it wasn't many seconds before he decided he needed to be else where, quick clean job, and I placed the carcass about 20 yds in the wood away from the road as could hear the doe not far away.

    It is a fix blade of about 4" not sure I would have been quite so confident with a folder, horses for courses, does having a fixed blade knife make me a criminal no, is it a criminal offence yes.

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