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Thread: What optic for CZ 455 22LR?

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    What optic for CZ 455 22LR?

    Hi Guys! Just wondering what optics you have on your 22's?
    I have just bought a CZ 455 in 22LR and intend to use it mainly for 50-100m training and plinking. I have 2 scopes that I could use, a S&B 4x36 or a Bushnell Trophy 3-9x40. I am swaying towards the 4x36 at the moment as I dont think that I'm going to need loads of mag for the intended shooting AND the 4x36 is the better quality scope by a mile(used to be on my 308W)
    Regards Toby

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    4x36 should be fine on .22LR I use a 4x40 fixed power on my .22

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    4 x 32 on mine
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    4x32 Nikon here.


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    I rekon you won't be need'n anything stronger than 4 power as it's a .22lr. (no point going overboard.)

    I have used a 4x32 on my Brno for several years.

    Great rabbit gun.

    Rgds, Buck.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I went with the S&B 4x36. Well pleased, zeroed the 22LR at 50m and then shot this 5 shot group that I can cover with my thumbnail. Shot off car bonnet with Dog Gone Good shooting rest. The 3 shots above were from a 222 zeroing session this winter. I forgot to add CZ 455 American with Eley Sport (green box) I had forgotten how much fun 22's are!
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    I was about to write a similar post. My old 3-9x50 has sadly died after about 10 years heavy usage and I have just places an order for a 4-12 x 50 Hawke Panorama. They seem very popular with air-gunners in the forums and are jolly good value. Has anyone got any experience of them on a rimfire. I'm hoping not to hear too many bad words as it arrives tomorrow. It's a bit of a grey area the rimfire scope. There seems to be a great distance between a spring gun rated scope and a centre-fire rated scope. I hope I've found the middle ground.

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    Just a quick update. Scope arrived. Finish is poor but functions well. Got it on zero and seems to be pretty consistent. Time will tell if it's going to last but so far I'm happy which is rare.

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    As scopes go the quality is at the lower end of the scale as far as I am concerned. But they work well and I had a hawk for a number of years. It never let me down so perfectly acceptable for what you want.
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