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Thread: Zeiss Victory 3-12x56 T* Scope

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    Zeiss Victory 3-12x56 T* Scope

    The scope is about 4 years old and has been attached to only one rifle, which I have just sold because it had sat in the cupboard doing virtually nothing since I got it. The scope is, therefore, in generally excellent condition, in particular the optics. There are some cosmetic marks/scratches underneath where rings were, caused when I removed it from the Apel scope rings (which may be the best/most expensive on the market but are a nightmare to get a scope out of!). It has a No: 4 reticule and you can read all about it on the Zeiss website: , in the Products/Riflescopes section.

    The scope has a full, transferable, 10 yr warranty from Zeiss with 6 years remaining. Proof of purchase is available.

    The cheapest price for a new one seems to be c. 1,200, so I think 850 would seem a very fair price for this one.

    Please 'PM' me with any interest

    Click image for larger version. 

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    More photos of the Scope

    Click image for larger version. 

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    For the benefit of those who've asked, above are photos of the marks/scratches on the Zeiss 3-12x56 scope referred to in original post.

    The first two (L-R) show the scratches under where the rear ring would be and the last one the mark under where the front ring would be.

    As mentioned in the original post, the scope has been in Apel rings since it was fitted some 4 years ago. Their design is odd – not half circles like Sako rings etc. but a kind of 2/3rds/ 1/3rd arrangement, which requires you to open out the2/3rds section in order to release the scope. It may be there’s a special tool or something for this but, otherwise, it’s a real pain! Anyway the marks are superficial - there is absolutely no damage or distortion of the tube itself – just scratching/marking of the black anodized finish.
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    NOW SOLD -(subject to contract!). Thanks for the interest

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    Just a little pointer with Apel (or advice)!

    If you take the screws out of the rings, then put a 2-3mm Allen key through the screw holes and squeeze them together it'll spread the rings enough to allow you to remove the ring without scratching the scopes tube.

    T (it's a pleasure guys!)

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