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    Hi all,

    Just joined Directory so I hope I've clicked the right button and you can read this. I live in Lancashire and have been into rifles for 15 years. Currently messing with Howa 1500 .243 with varmint barrel. Bought it with the Hogue stock which was worse than useless, too much flex with pod on. Changed to laminate stock and dropped a rifle basix trigger into it. (Factory trigger had yards of creep!!) What a difference. Current recipe is Hornady Vmax 75g BT pushed along with 44g of H4350 in Lapua brass and CCI primer. BOB ON!!!!

    Swapped Schmitdy 8x56 Klassic 30mm tube (mint & up for sale 475) for a Optisan 6-24x56 and well suited. Japanese Optics and well worth the money although high end mag gets a bit blurred. Defo recommend one.

    All the best and shoot straight

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    Welcome you will enjoy this site the guys on here are awsome, were abouts in lancs are you?

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