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Thread: fenced out ????

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    fenced out ????

    Hi ,

    I finally got some stalking of my own.The only problem is
    the farmer who bought the land and gave me permision.
    Is fencing all the wooded area`s off(which i have no permision) with wire and the usual 2 strings of barbwire.since he started work I have not seen any deer.

    Would this be because of the work going on and the disruption???

    or would the new and much inproved fence keep them out ????

    Cheers Kevin

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    Disruption, human smell and something new. If the fence is under 4 feet they will step over it, However they tend to have their own highways to get round the woods. If the new fence blocks these it can take a while before they approach. I take it it is ordinary stock fence otherwise there would be no point in asking. Jim

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    Thanks Jimbo ,

    Yes it`s under 4 feet, just.And Im talking about Roe.Well I`ll just have to wait until
    the works finished and let the place settle down .

    Cheers Kevin

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    Don't under estimate how high roe can jump. They're pure muscle, and can really launch themselves with those powerful back legs. + they will do anything for a feed, and as the phrase says "the grass on the other side of the fence is always greener"

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    As the others have said they'll generally jump it with ease the exceptions being the injured,very young or heavily pregnant does,doubt it will be long before they return once the disturbance has died down but roe can get there legs hung up in those top two strands so would pay to keep an eye on it for a while especially if they aren't used to seeing it in that area.

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    Alot of people say deer can be reluctant to jump and I may be inclined to agree but where I am everything is fenced like you say, and we have loads of fences. The roe don't try to go round they just pop over it. Once they get used to it you'll have no worries. Keep an idea on low spots though they will use them more if they can, might turn out a good way for you to know where they will come out

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    Honestly dont worry when things have had a month to settle the roe will be back, out for them catching top strands.I have an area there is a double fence with new hedge planted between and often see roe in there eating the new hedge plants (dont tell the owner)that one is pig net 1 strand of smooth and one of barbed wire above net.I have only had one youngster last year with broken leg but she got free and is doing well.

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