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Thread: Open Sights/Ruger No. 1

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    Open Sights/Ruger No. 1

    Had an interesting couple of hours shooting targets with the 7x57 Ruger No. 1 this afternoon, as I am between scopes for a most hunters I use optics but if you think you can shoot try iron sights at 25/50/75/100yds, if you have them fitted of course! I would describe it as going back to basics,using PRVI 7X57 FMJ,after 20 rounds and varying distances I am hunting confident to try a deer hunt with my Federal or reloads, at least after testing on my range first, I have disciplined myself not to attempt a shot beyond 75yds, so it is down to me do do a good close stalk, in choice or from a sight shooting is very levelling but like using .22 practice for a flinching problem it is beneficial and confirms ability...or not!! Anton

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    Not wishing to be confrontational, iron sights, why?

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    I have shot my .275, and an old Brno 601 in .243, with Iron Sights and agree that it is fun and satisfying to do. One point to be aware of is the tendency to shoot to a different point of aim in poor light. As long as you know your limitations and the welfare of the animal is not compremised then I can see no problem, I have seen plenty of bad shots made through 1000 worth of scope (more than a few of them by me!)

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    Maybe more useful on a day when it is tipping down/short range shot on a deer in cover after an RTA( IF THE BACKSTOP ALLOWS)/ boar shooting on the Continent eg Sicily/France,this is no different in principle to boar hunting with Brenneke slugs over open sights, I am approaching this as being skilled with optics or open sights is that wrong? Anyway if your optics fog up or goes U/S after a dropped rifle etc if you demount the scope you can still shoot if all is in order with the rifle Some Sauers and Steyr SSGs P1s come with open sights so those manufacturers see a niche for open sights..I would add that in reality I will purchase my scope and forget opensights, I am no novice to deerstalking, 20yrs this year ,the thread was highlighting a possibility not a necessity...give it a go on the range Old Man I bet you will enjoy it!! Anton

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