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Thread: Finding Roe Kids

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    Finding Roe Kids

    Been seeing a fair few kids about on my patch in last few weeks, some a decent size and moving about with mum, others I'd bumped into hidden in the grasses.

    BUT, I got a phone call this afternoon from my aunt. My cousin (aged 13) had been 'down the field' and had found a couple of "abandoned deer babies". My eyes rolled and asked what he'd done with them - "Oh they're sat here in the kitchen he brought them back and I was phoning you to see who would be best to ring, the vets or the RSPCA"

    F**k me, was my immediate thought, how stupid are you? Bearing in mind they live on the boundry of our farm and have been brought up in a countryside way. Needless to say they're now back where he found them with everything crossed, hoping that mum leads them away this evening. I'm gonna have a look first thing in the morning to see if they've gone but if they're still there by night the young lads unfortunately gonna have them on his conscience. He now does know what to do, i.e. not to do, if he finds any again.

    Anyone fancy a couple of orphans?



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    I had a lady phone me yesterday asking what could she do with an abandoned Kid which was now in her kitchen. I went into the usual speech before she stopped me to say that she had done nothing - - it was the kid that had wandered in all by itself ! Told her to get it back into the garden and hopefully the Doe will find it later.
    Haven't heard another word.


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