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    Amusing event

    I have just been to a farm for a quick look round and before I got out the van I spotted a Buck near the farm house the stalk took me to within 30yds of farmers back door.Having been told in no uncertern terms to shoot a few I felt it my duty to do so Loud bang farmer comes out in shorts , tee shirt, rigger boots,Shouts "I was in bed ".OH h** thinks I,I am in the poo,
    luckily he came to me then said quiatly can I see what you do now.
    The buck had run back into the wood so search was on again mini panic can I find it quickly.luck was on my side a classic paint and pins then blood trail after about 20yds Dead six point to do the gralloch in front of very courious farmer all went well. He helped carry it the 150yds back to the van,he asked what I woud do next so showed him. head and legs off clean out heart and lungs.He took the legs to tease his daughter with.Thanked me for the lesson as he put it,told me he would text when he wanted more venison bid me goodnight.
    This all took less than 11/2hours from home to home and its 5 miles from where I live.
    I will get round the land next time.

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    champion. Nice when it works out like that!

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