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Thread: New Danish member

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    New Danish member

    Hello everyone, very nice site you have here.

    I have been hunting most of my life, from a little boy by my dad's side until i turned 16 and got my hunting licence, since then i have been hunting in Scotland a few times and would like to come to England also some day. I am a big Blaser fan as some of the other members are here.


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    Welcome Dennis
    Nice to see another Blaser fan on here, stick around you might get an invite from one of these nice people on here sometime.


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    Hello Dennis,

    and welcome to the site. It is always nice to hear from stalkers who live overseas, looking forward to reading your posts.

    Now that you have said the Blaser word, Wayne will probably want to adopt you


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    Welcome to the R93 fan club.

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    I must admit even if some people find it stupid/crazy that I like my Blaser so much
    That I invite it into the living room each evening to look at the TV with the rest of the family
    While my wife gives me that funny look , but what the hÖ she donít understand it anyway.

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    Dennis I fully understand what your saying, but why the hell are you letting your wife in the living room


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    Sometimes she gets lucky and sneak in

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    You are a sad lot i thought the blazer was for people with handicaps that couldn't bend there wrists.

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    No, you are all wrong on that, they are just for people with a higher understanding

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    Higher understanding maybe, but most of you guys can't see the target too well as a result of too much rapid action back and forth at a young age.
    Slow things down a little with some rotation, allways works for me .

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