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Thread: Tiablo A10G

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    Tiablo A10G

    Anyone got an idea of a supplier for this? Alcocks can't get their hands on one. I can get a Masterlite but, having researched it on here, it's the Tiablo I'm after. Need the light and the mount.

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    Shipping from canada heck of a lot cheaper!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo123p View Post

    Shipping from canada heck of a lot cheaper!!!!
    Thanks Jimbo. It's bought. Never thought shipping would be so cheap.

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    OK, I now own the Tiablo A10G. What's the best mount to attach it to a 30mm tube scope? Any recommendations?

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    i have a tiablo which is very good but you should consider also the dereelight with aspherical lens which is better

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