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Thread: Red Hind Wobbling

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    Red Hind Wobbling

    Hi Guy and Girls,

    Just wondering if anybody could shed some light on something i saw on Tuesday evening just gone
    Being half term i had the oppertunity to take my son overnight(staying in our on site caravan) to an estate that i manage it has red , roe and fallow on it.
    We stalked around one area together, he is 14 now and keen to shoot his first deer! Anyway nothing seen we seperate and go to different high seats , come 9pm he is on the radio telling me about a very close encounter he had with a roe on the way to his seat
    Very embarrasingly i must admit to answering a text message from my wife whilst in the seat, i look up half way through and see a small roe allready 100 yards out from a wood quartering across a field behind me, check through the binos and it is indeed a cull buck with three points on one side and what looks like one or maybe two on the other up with the rifle very slowly as he is now only 40 yards away. place the crosshairs on his neck and gently squeeze the trigger and ... B******* forgot to reload after climbing the seat. Being so close the buck immediatly freezes and looks right at me , i slowly work the bolt and just as i have a round in the chamber he runs without stopping back into the wood ohh well he will keep!

    Anyway , this what i saw after i got out of the seat in the gloom, walking back across the grass field i see a shape about 150 yards away head down feeding , going by the outline i could see it was probably a red that had not noticed me yet , crouching a bit lower and moving towards the deer i manage to get to about 70 yards when i can see it is a red hind in good nick and a rather large looking belly end on her, I could see she was just stood with her head hanging low ? Also she appeared to be rocking side to side , i tried to get closer but she noticed me . She watched me but did not attempt to go any where this was when i could clearly see from a frontal view that she was swaying and could see her back end heaving as if in labour? After a bit she waddled away to the hedge, i backed off away from her and left her in peace. I have not seen a deer in labour or any other animal apart from my bitch(not the wife) so no experiance in this area.
    I checked the area the next morning and no sign of her.
    Does this sound like a description of a deer about to calf?

    Regards Mark.

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    With it being calfing time , and the hind looking rather full, i would say shes about to calf. Ed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cervushunter View Post
    ...apart from my bitch(not the wife)...
    Priceless, will she not have your nuts for that sort of comment!?

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