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Thread: new member from Bolton Lancs

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    new member from Bolton Lancs

    Hi all new to this web site. I went on my first stalk last October for a hill stalk & was succsess full since then i have fallen in love with the sport & the history regarding deer. Since then i have bin of a couple of woodland stalks. I love the over all aspect from a good days stalking. Hopefully if i need to no anything which will improve my tecnique i can call upon yourselfs.

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    Hello Martin,

    and welcome to the site. You have come to the right place, just ask what you want and someone will be able to help I'm sure.


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    Hi Martin,
    Hope you enjoy the site and good to see another northern member,
    Youíre not to far from the Ribble Valley look forward to your posts.
    If there is anything I can do to help be in touch.


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    Welcome to the sight I am a new comer myself but every body makes you feel at home and give freely of there good advise cheers ye old stalker

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    Hi Martin and welcome your not that far away,my mate is from trawden,and im over the hill in gods own county

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    Hi Amberdog,
    Sorry, I didnít realise that you were so close missed that,
    Only a couple of witches between us Iím in Chatburn over the hill.

    Take care


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