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Thread: A One Off Chance

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    A One Off Chance

    My daughter has just came into my house with a current fully signed rangers top of this seasons champion winning team. This is walters smiths last year as a supreme manager.Now this top is being offered on it own as there were three two rangers and one celtic .Two were auctioned last night a a band night and as any one who lives in the central belt knows you only auction one of each at these types of nights. The money raised is to help Ross Duff Walk. He is traveling to America for a life saving operation. This is all being done through a charity account.
    For any one that is interested it has been bid on and stands at 60.



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    Not a football fan so not interested in the shirt thanks, but will donate 25.00 if thats ok


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    Not a fan of Scottish football either but been at a few 'doo's' recently where shirts were bing auctioned for various cancer charities. I hope it realises the kind of price I saw similar going for, and that was before they won!!!

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    Not sure how to bid on the top.have sent pm

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    Bid now at 72 and bidding will stop at 2pm tomorrow.

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    6pointer your inbox is full. For one I just cannot believe that so many people would pm you. Make it 95

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    Would people stop outbidding me make it 100

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    Sorry i will need to delete a few i am saving a few from Buck52 ha ha Any way you are the highest bidder. ps thanks to every one that has went to the site and gave money you lot are to kind.

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