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Thread: Steyr Mannlicher Pro Mountain

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    Steyr Mannlicher Pro Mountain

    Pro Hunter Mountain in .243
    Approximately six years old
    Approximately 250 rounds from new
    A1 condition apart from mark on barrel from T8/usual thing
    Complete with hard case

    Not selling scope mounts or bases
    This has been my second rifle as I have same setup in .308, now replacing with 6.5 x 55 hence keeping the scope mounts and bases.

    Will sell T8 mod at extra cost,only with rifle not on its own .

    Price 650 plus RFD to RFD if you cannot collect.

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    Can you clarify this a little for the hard of thinking. This is 650 for the bare rifle??

    Sorry to be a pedant but I have a space for a 243 and need to know.

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    yep! nearly a grand new, will sell mod as extra,i need rings ,bases ,scope for same rifle in 6.5x55
    this is not a camel i look after my kit ,nice gun .

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    Hi Norma,

    I have the same rifle with a jet z mod and want to change to a T8 to make the rifle shorter.

    How much for the mod and what thread size is it?

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    will only let mod go with rifle, if the rifle sells and mod dont will keep for the 6.5 sorry mate

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    ok folks rifle and mod 750
    thought this might have a bit more interest .the mod is not as old as rifle as i had the original develop a pin hole .
    guys and girls this is tidy !

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    last bump before going back in the cabinet
    for a long sleep again

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    A late arrival to this conversation... but on a different point. Coudl you tell me how i can tell the difference between a Mk1 and Mk2 stock. Obvisouly want teh better Mk2 but the seller I am dealing with has no clue as to how to identify.


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    from what i can gather talking on a steyr forum it was grey in colour not black and did flex rather alot. they are great guns and dont need customizing really .only thing i found was they were picky on factory ammo hence i will start to reload this winter .hope that helps mate

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