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Thread: the best night vision scope?

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    the best night vision scope?

    i am looking to buy a night vision scope for fox control.
    now i am looking for advice on the best you can buy?
    i have a very reasonable budget 5k plus!
    am looking for some thing cable of longish range shots if needed and reliablity.
    any help would be much appreciated also stockest of said scope.
    am looking to put it on a tikka t3 lite.
    FOX CONTROL ONLY not deer before any one asks
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    Maybe best to look on UK varminting as you are liable to get an idiot telling you they are not deer legal on here. 5k is a good budget should get you a cracking bit of kit. I like the pvs 14 add on. Like looking through green sunglasses on a sunny day

    Atb Steve

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    I love mine its a NVM14 from But for that money look at a starlight it has a detachable rear eyepiece.

    Might be good, also if your in no rush and ask about a friend of mine in germany has a swaro scope where the add on screws on the front and is meant to be awesome

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    That kind of money puts you in a whole different league!
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    If you can find one a gen 3 maxi kite, I was lucky and found a brand new one after searching for over 18 months.


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    I never got on with the maxi kite....too high over the barrel. Defeats the object of flat shooting. They are great for what they are needed for, the enemy not seeing your IR but i'm not worried about foxes shooting back(yet)

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    I use a starlight archer its as good as any i have seen .think the gen 3 one i have is around
    2,500 my mate is after a new model they have ,he says its great
    ,worth giving Julian a call to ask
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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    where are the firm based for one of them? seems to be a few to choose from just getting the right one.

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    Starlight NV are based in Manchester. Phone Julian on 01942884378. They have a web site. Also you could have a look at a Longbow. First class bit of kit, next step up from the Archer. Same firm.

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    Persoanlly if possible and legal, I would source from Gen 3 or better from the states - something like the D-760

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