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Thread: High Seat design

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    High Seat design

    As promised I have designed a high seat, simple construction and stable. I used 15mm weatherboard as I had some left over from a shed extention. I build in 19mm as standard. However the design could utilise 9mm sterling board to vastly reduce costs. Time was not on my side as I put it up single handed. One and a half hours to site it. With two that would half. I run out of time so have to go back to wire it and pin it down. I will write it up later in the week. Biggest job is reducing photos to post. I am busy now till Wednesday but have photos of all stages.
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    That looks the absolute business!

    Certainly far posher than the green painted sterling board!!!

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    looks good enough to live in!! as long as there was room to put a strongbow fridge in
    Regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Floor area is 1200x1200. Home made seat in it at present but hope to get a couple of office seats. Front is 1800 back is 1640 so not cramped. desingne to sit where it is so all wondows cover the kill zones. I still have to use straps to fix top to legs and wire ladder and legs for security. I will also peg the legs down as it is a high wind area. I used 4 inch coach screws B&Q trade so it won't come apart until it is unscewed.

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    Jim that is fab mate do you think you could do me one for the back of drumchaple mate might need to use differnt material . GOOD JOB. i TOLD THE BOYS YOU WOULD BE AN ASSET TO ANY GROUP OR SYNDICATE AND ILL BET THERE A HAPPY BUNCH NOW.

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    If its for the back of Drumchapel you better use something that can't be burnt or cut

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    can you get your hands on a steel scaffold tower? The 4 foot sections. box on top?

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    that looks the bees knees .Better not get comfy in that would fall a sleep great job

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    No high seat needed there its a place were you need to be in and out like a cat burgler

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    is it the bluebell wood near the peel glen rd

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