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Thread: Not going to c.l.a

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    Not going to c.l.a

    AS members will know we had a catastrophic fire at the residence some ten days ago and at the moment I am staying at the girlfreinds until I manage to find somewhere else to call home. With all the upheaval plus ratwhiskers being out of action with a serious back injury and gareths lovley lady expecting their first child on that weekend it is really not feasable to attend this years CLA. It is not a decision that i and the team have taken lightly but we have all agreed that we would not be able to show to our usual high standards and that our clients would be rather short changed by a half hearted effort on our part.
    I trust that all members will understand our decision and it will allow us to give an even better showing at the Midland and at Bisley in october. yours respectfully and regretfully
    Mike Norris Brock and Norris Custom Rifles


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    Hope you are up and running soon mate. let us all know when you are ready to start trading as i'm sure there are plenty of members wanting to support you.
    Best wishes, Ezzy

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    Mike, Hope things work out well for you!

    ATB Barry

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    Sorry to hear you are not going Mike.I will give you a call in the week and arrange taking the help for the heroes raffle tickets up for you if you like.
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