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Thread: Rabbit problem in Sussex

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    Rabbit problem in Sussex

    Hello, I have 5 acres with more rabbits than I can count - some enormous warrens and the monsters gnawing through my rabbit fences and eating my cut flowers. Anybody interested to come with their ferrets or have a nice shoot? It's near East Grinstead.

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    Hi mate I will come and give you a hand

    Atb Steve

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    I can come down too - let me know when via PM.


    E t R
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    Hello mate I shoot near in tandridge and would be more than happy to help give me a call on 07590 665151 all the best Adrian

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    PM sent. I'm in Forest Row.

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    I thought you might be inundated with offers, won't be a rabbit left by the time you've been out with everyone.

    I have plenty so unless your stuck I won't impede others who might not but.....why not have a mass meet up later in the year for a ferret or something? Could be a good laugh....I'd be keen to come along for that, got a dog that marks(ish) and is steady with ferrets and nets or at night!

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    I'm in brighton looking for some free shooting all the time! Both 12 gauge and .22 air rifle?! Alex 07553339741

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    Alex, probably not the best way to introduce yourself on here. I would get over to the introductions thread and start properly as admin have requested before someone notices

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex1990 View Post
    I'm in brighton looking for some free shooting all the time! Both 12 gauge and .22 air rifle?! Alex 07553339741
    Brilliant, 18 month old thread, but never mind. Bet your inundated with phone calls.

    PS sticking your number on an open forum ! widnae be me bud

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    Rourke's Drift springs to mind - 10/12 of us, sat behind bales, aiming up field... Anyone know the hymn from "Zulu"?

    There'd not be much left after a few hundred rounds of mixed .22lr and .17HMR went scudding in their direction!
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