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Thread: Krylon Paints

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    Krylon Paints

    has anyone used this stuff on wood?

    i was thinking of tidying up (ruining ) a cz452 wooden stock as a bit of a winter project.


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    I have heard of it being used to tidy up a quad, but not wood, sorry. where is it available in the UK?


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    where almost everything is available....


    they have other colours...

    i just think that it might crack,split, chip when the wood gets dinked. which it will.

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    You can go the whole hog too, Cabelas do camo stencils!

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    Quote Originally Posted by viking
    You can get it here aswell.

    that stuff is old stock, not the newer stuff which bonds direct to plastic without a special primer.

    i'm interested in it durability on wood though?

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    Duracoat is much better that Krylon, great on wood too.

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