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Thread: Close call----for a fox.

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    Close call----for a fox.

    Whilst out on saturday morning on a wild english partridge shoot up on the yorkshire wolds we saw this fellow catching a few rays.
    There was no chance of closing the distance so the client was urged to have a go off the sticks (stood only chance to see over the thick hedge). We waited for well over 4 minutes for the fox to turn broadside, he didn't and the client was tiring holding his aim so the choice was made to shoot after a quick rest from the aim when the fox turned slightly to allow for the biggest target available.
    It was a .308 and 150 gr sp's.
    It was a very good effort and any closer would have been a very dead fox.
    I was stood off to the left about 1 yard so if you take the camera angle off the still i reckon the shot was just between the ears.
    And into a "MASSIVE BACKSTOP"

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    Hard lines....certainly gave him something to think about!!
    Nooooooooooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!! Our main weapon is.........

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    Thats a backstop that Roy of Lupton would be proud off. Better look next time.

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    I was rooting for the fox john the terrier lads will sort him for you PS missed by a lot it looked like ha ha great vid.
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    I've watched it on single frame and it went just between the ears.
    A very close call indeed.
    10 out of 10 for effort.

    difficult to track the bullet path but watching the swirl of air its along this rough line.
    As said i was stood off to the left.
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    I reckon it was just behind the ears about tip of the ear high judging by the way the fox dipped it's ear forward , one lucky fox for sure
    but he definately hit the backstop ..

    I saw the strike from here

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    Hi John,I take it the camcorder wasnt mounted on your scope.
    Atb john.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J DAVISON View Post
    Hi John,I take it the camcorder wasnt mounted on your scope.
    Atb john.
    A client shooting, i was off to his left.

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