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    Screw cut

    Hi all

    Just bought a new sako finnlight in 6.5x55 stainless / fluted, can anyone recommend a gunsmith close to south wales who can screw cut this rifle. I was offered the service by the my gun shop but they wanted 190 to thread and proof it by nigel Teague. What's your thoughts on this guys, also need a new mod if anyone can recommend one.


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    A screw cut shouldn't need a re-proof, as it is not "significantly reducing the strength of the barrel". A lot of gunsmiths will push for this as it's extra cash for them, and the proof houses will try and persuade you that it's a legal requirement, but it's not. My gunsmith charges 60 for a thread, and does a fine job. If a smith tries to push a reproof on you, dig out the proof regulations (google is your friend) and print them out and take them along.

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    you can be sure he will do a good job but 190 is about 70 or 80 over the odds for a cut and proof job.

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    dont bother to get it proofed it just cost me 80 to get my tikka t3 proofed inc postage !

    save the money and put it towards a better scope !

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    some gunsmiths wont do it with out proof because of there insurance. yet some will.

    I don't know any gunsmiths down your area. but if you come over into Worcestershire then Richard pope will do the rifle well you wait. around 75 pound.
    his work is superb and he always does the work on my rifles and friends rifles.

    because his prices are keen and you know it will be done right.

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