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Thread: Her training continues for good or bad

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    Her training continues for good or bad

    Well from puppy to training and back again. Tried Ria on a 35 mtr track she was more interested in what the other scents held but hey at 16 weeks i will need to give her a chance. :lol:

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    Are you placing titbits along the track for Ria ??

    I might also be inclined to leave a roe leg at the find for her to carry about as her prize, but looks a nice dog from the vid

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    Stone the track was down for 2 hours and there was a small tit bit every 3 mtr she is keen on deer but not on blood with regards the leg thing she has already found the knack of steeling them out of the chill lol its all just fun for her at the moment when her nose kicks in there will be a big differnence.The area she is on tracking is visited with 3-4 foxes every night and a few cats dogs squirrels etc .Next track will be in a field that has less disturbance.

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    Well back out today to sort a couple of young bucks out that were in a place they shouldnt be. Also a chance to get the wee Ria placeing a few more pieces in the Jigsaw.

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    A wee picture of here posing.

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    Hello Dave

    Hows the training going now and how is she when your out stalking?? Magner had his firs treal find for me yesterday, a Roe Buck that had run around 90yards into dense sitka spruce, hands and knees job, not on tracking leash but he did come back and took me to the animal, delighted with that, he is coming on now and found i fox i shot this morning, didnt like the smell off it to mucha

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    Wallace she is very good out stalking and will walk to heal with out a lead at all.She has a tendency to put her nose down but i will put that down to here still trying to work all the smells out. She is quiet and easy going .I had here out with a chap from the site for the first time in company he is BIG_DOG off the site and she did not show me up at all. She did a track of 50 mtrs yeaturday very easy and this time took the right turn i had put in it.She has been passing the turns and over running.She has found (NOT REALLY LOST)3 deer not hard finds no more than 40 mtrs with lots of blood but to her its all practice.

    Ria with her prize today sorry about the pick old phone forgot the memory card for my camera.

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