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Thread: A-Tec Maxim? Third eye Spartan?

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    A-Tec Maxim? Third eye Spartan?

    I want to get my recently-acquired .308 Sako threaded and moderated; I'd like a (reasonably) lightweight mod, and preferably one that doesn't increase the overall length drastically..... (and Titanium is a bit rich for my blood....)

    Are there any users of the A-Tec Maxim that can offer some user feedback?

    I've searched other articles on the site, but most seem to mention the Maxim almost in passing, so this is a specific request (I've also looked at the Jackson website, but the only thing I could find was a pdf in Norwegian, and my grasp of Scandinavian languages is 'patchy'....)

    ....or howzabout the Third Eye Spartan???

    Let's hear it guys - the good, the bad, and the ugly.....

    Cheers in advance,

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    I'm also interested in hearing about the A-Tec Maxim Merlin, I'm thinking of one (all going well with my variation) for a .270

    I currently own a Third Eye Spartan and use it on my T3 .243, had around 80 rounds through it so far & haven't had any problems, it's very well engineered, easy to strip for cleaning and doesn't affect the rifle balance too much and quite a compact unit.

    The only negative I can find is that it's maybe not just as effective on sound reduction compared to my friends Northstar's & T8's (haven't heard anything as quiet as the T8 to be honest).

    Not a big deal if your not shooting near urban areas but possibly one to consider if you are.

    I may add that this is only by the use of a Mk1 ear, nothing scientific, just an observation over several months.

    I won't be changing the Third Eye on my 243 but would really like to hear some reviews of the Maxim as there's not much info out there.



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    I get fed up when someone asks about a particular calibre/rifle/scope and all the suggestions they get are for something completely different.

    Well, I'm about to do it myself.

    If small in size is your priority, can I suggest you actually have a look at the new ASE UTRA SL5. I bought one a few weeks ago for a Sako .308 and I'm very impressed with it. It is only 4'' long yet does a tremendous job. Plus, the workmanship on it is superb. Dennis Groom at Jackson Rifles actually recommended it to me over everything else out there, and I could have had a choice of numerous others they supply.

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