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Thread: personal best fox

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    Smile personal best fox

    thought you guys might like to hear about my s**t day with a good ending..
    after a hard day workin on our house where everything went wrong i thought i'd better take my lurcher out for a walk with the shooter...first field an my girl jumped the fence an ripped her leg open! I was debating on heading back then I thought if I go down to the next field we could sit down an take it easy whilst over looking the freshly harvested fields of the farm below.
    after 10 mins we spotted a fox moving quickly accross another farms field, we moved position quickly but lost sight of him! we hung around a bit and had a squeak but no show.
    so with my girl looking as fed up as me we retraced our steps and headed home... when we got to our original position I spotted something out of place in the distance..i checked through my rangefinder and sure enough i could see one! i deployed the bipod, flipped the scope caps an ranged him, dialed the settings into the scope and waited for my shot... we dropped him clean! at 367yds! a new personal best!!
    on the pic i was up by the small tree in the distance
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    Good shooting..

    Regards oli

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    Good shooting.
    I have since buying a rangefinder now got BDC turrets on all my big scopes.
    Leathal for foxing. they make you very confident when you can aim dead on.
    The 6.5 has one on and its useful even at 250m's as with my slow 156gr rn's the gun when zeroed at 100m's has 32cm drop at 250m's.
    Without an exact range and drop dialed in a long shot at a fox or injured deer at this distance would be difficult to judge.

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    Your best beat mine by 10 yards exactly(well three of us paced out there and back(the dopey one said 715)We all came to the same total. 357yards but I had to aim off. I think there was a bit of luck but the more I practice the luckier I get.

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    sounds like you really need a rangefinder! i shipped mine in from the states much cheaper than over here! you will shock yourself at some of your range judgement.. and when you start pushing past 250 yds bullets start to drop quite a bit, depending on what rounds your shooting of course.. an just think that fox you shot could have been further than mine!

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    that is true, I do wonder sometimes you get great shots but its across a valley so impossible to pace.

    which rangefinder do you use?

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    Sorry to be a bit PC but does the concept of having a personal 'best' suit the topic of shooting an animal..

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    I'd say yes, I killed cleanly a fox doing damage to my partridge that I'd tried many times to get closer to and shot him at a long range, the furthest I ever had. Do I go out and try to beat this NO but I keep practicing at longer ranges to make me better all round and as a back up. I always get as close as I can lessens the chance of missing. But I'm still proud I am good eough to shoot that well. I also keep count of what a shoot each year, the numbers are a sort of measure of success(although affected by nature, other shooters and whether I do wel in the spring)

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    i use a leica 900 scan, had it for a few years now.. faultless! i had a bushnell before that it was ok but not as good as the leica!
    also my mate bought one of the leupolds when they came out, after a year he bought a leica too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by soother223 View Post
    i use a leica 900 scan, had it for a few years now.. faultless! i had a bushnell before that it was ok but not as good as the leica!
    also my mate bought one of the leupolds when they came out, after a year he bought a leica too!
    Nice shooting. That's about 100 yards past my furthest had the chance at a fox over 300 yards once in daylight but could not get the thing to stop running and decided against a moving shot.

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