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Thread: Roe/Red & Sika Antlers

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    Roe/Red & Sika Antlers

    Right gents I have a very good friend who is after the above in any quantities for stick making, he will pay sensible money by Pay pal/cheque & cash, if you have a large quantity he will also collect.

    Let me know if you have anything of interest by PM please.


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    I might be able to get you quite a few Red stag and some Sika - reds are mostly 10 and 12 pointers, although there's a bunch of 'randoms' as well.

    I need an idea of what your friend is willing to pay though. Say 1x 10 point red stag - ie. both sides, left and right.

    best regards,


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    I was thinking those prices per half set of antlers, not per tine!!!

    Maybe I need to have a re-think!!!

    Looking at this this is quite expensive for basic stuff, maybe there's money to be made!
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    Thanks for the replies gents, I have returned all pms.


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