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Thread: humane captive bolt stunner

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    humane captive bolt stunner

    can any one tell me how good the humane captive bolt stunners sold by entwistle of preston are the one that does not need the FAC

    If its hit its history / If its missed its a mystery

    A gun is always loaded .A mule always kicks

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    Don't know them but my Cash captive Bt will go through 22mm ply! Drops bulls in their tracks!

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    try mike dickinson at calton moor range he does a good line in them.

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    What do you want to use it on? I have one in .22 flavour and a BRNO one that takes 9mm blanks. If you want to kill large animals like bulls and cattle you will find it easier with the 9mm. The .22 will stun a cow but I'm not that happy with it.

    Remember that they are only humane stunners - you MUST bleed or pith the animal afterwards.

    Link to the BRNO ones

    Brno Guns - Captive-Bolt Stunners

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache View Post
    What do you want to use it on?

    Remember that they are only humane stunners - you MUST bleed or pith the animals
    Pithing went out over 25 years ago!

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    trouble is it is often need with captive bolts.
    I have a retired vet in the family who used a .310 greener on everything over 40 years without fail.
    soon as he had to move to captive bolt is when you start seeing pithing required

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    Pithing would break all the rules for specified risk materials, spinal column. If it is bled straight after flaying limbs are minimal.

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    i have Kerner 9mm brilliant humane,over the years i have used many different makes, had a good Greener .22 for many years.

    Regarding pithing its illeagal if going in the food chain, but if your just putting down a beast without bleeding it may regain consiousnes without pithing, seen this many times, during FnM all lambs where pithed for this reason

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    I used to use a .310 greener, the classic example of simplicity being the best!!

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