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Thread: Rpa hunter thumbhole

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    Rpa hunter thumbhole

    Anyone on the site have one of these, how do you rate it? I was thinking about getting a custom / semi custom rifle made up and wondered if an RPA hunter off the shelf would do?

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    I have a friend who has one in .243

    Using home loads he regularly shoots 350-400yrds

    he likes it very much

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    havent got the hunter but the interceptor. in 22/250 and its deadly accurate

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    if it meets the spec you would want in a custom, go for it....
    For my purposes, the ones I have handled have been too heavy with a heavy barrel profile... not sure if it was the hunter or not.

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    For the price I saw them going for at a game fair, I would go for the full custom job every time. It will be built to your EXACT spec, weight, balance, barrel length etc. A blueprinted Remington action as the starting point would probably be the cheapest custom option.

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    I have a RPA Thumbhole hunter in .308 and until recently had one in .243.

    They are, as already stated, a heavy rifle. However, heavy helps with accuracy. The rifles are very well built, and the Quadlite action is bombproof. Both the .308 and .243 are accurate, shooting sub .25 moa.


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